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Someone or something that is to be admired.
Admired boy = The Man
Admired girl = The Man in Woman Form
Admired Ipod = The Man in Ipod Form
by wellwitted February 13, 2010
The act of stroking someone's shoulder in a creepy fashion. Accompanied with the words 'Hi... buddy...'
Person 1: *Whistles innocently*
Person 2: *Shoulder stroke* Hi... buddy...
Person 3: *Shudders* You're a bloody creep!
by wellwitted November 07, 2009
n. The act of an object watching a subject for observational purposes. According to Doris Today, this practise was founded by William Wilberforce.
Mistaken as a passive form of stalking.
Also ambling, Ambler (the object).
Ambler 1: Let's go for an amble.
Ambler 2: Yes, I was concerned to find out if the cafeteria had exploded, blowing half of his face off, yet.
Non-Ambler: *rolls eyes*
by wellwitted July 03, 2009
A parrot-like teenager whom sees all as 'elementary'. Professional Ambler
Shpuggy: Man, I don't get how Laurikeet managed to waltz up to Enchoke and talk to him.
Army: *Writing on Shpuggy's hand* Courage.
by wellwitted July 31, 2009
Enchoke is 1: The act of encouraging another person to choke, often violently, to the amusement of others. 2: A male with dark hair tied back in a ponytail and bewitching eyes, whose presence causes others to choke.
Stickman 1: Enchoke
Stickman 2: *dies from choking*

Girl 1: Oh noes, here comes Enchoke. Don't look at him, whatever you do!
by wellwitted July 03, 2009
Pie is a heaven-sent consumable (food, in other words and worlds) That is fill with the flesh of people, other pies, dogs, your Uncle Fanny or chicken. We can't forget the chicken.
Judge: And what did you have for dinner last night?
Defendant at dock (or port): a pie.
Judge: The defendant has pleaded guilty to cannibalism. He is sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for 15 minutes.

Defendant whilst being dragged off: This is a conspiracy that has not being match since the Salem Witch Trials! I will have my revenge!!!!!
by wellwitted July 03, 2009
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