4 definitions by wellfuck

a white girls black guy.
i got myself a sexy assed pocket nigger
by wellfuck April 19, 2009
white girls who go to da clubs just to watch da balla's and take up space on de dance floor.
dem balla watcha's better get the fuck outta here and make me some room so i can grind up de ballas
by wellfuck April 19, 2009
when a nigga has an afro and he puts 3 or more headbands in it to keep it out of his face
thats some crazy hair you got there, you need to kwasi band that
by wellfuck October 14, 2009
a balla who stands behind the pillar in a bar. Only peeking his head around the pillar to stalk out his prey.
Yo ya see dat pillar balla over der. he's pretty fine.
by wellfuck April 19, 2009

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