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1 definition by wellesleyy

A suburbial town outside of Boston. Frequently stereotyped as a predominantly white, rich, preppy, snobby town, this is true with some of the citizens but NOT ALL OF THEM. Although there aren't many minorities seen walking in Wellesley center, we DONT DISCRIMINATE. And not everyone wears lacoste & juicy and shops at Luisa Luisa or trappings. Some people (actually, a lot of people) wear "non-preppy" clothes and are genuine and nice people. We don't appreciate the snobby stereotype so please don't label us.
person #1: ewww i hate wellesley people, theyre all disgustingly rich and bitchy.
person #2: actually my family doesnt have even close millions of dollars in our bank account but we can still afford a decent 3 floor house in wellesley and manage to send me to a good school. ive met a lot of really nice people here.
by wellesleyy October 19, 2005