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1. A state of mind related to the west coast 2. where the real G's are from 3. a piece of Los Angeles
Fuck yeah, I am jsut bangin' on the westside right now. I'll hit ya back
by wej johnson March 16, 2003
a mix of codeine and cough syrup served martini style with alcohol
36 MAFIA, crush codeine and mix with strong cough syrup, then add to shaker with somerhing like gin and juice
by wej johnson March 15, 2003
1. is only the best of the best 2. good green weed 2. anything exceptional
maui wowie, G 13, I got some dank smoke or I got to eat the dankest food last night
by wej johnson March 15, 2003
same as sizurp, codeine, cough syrup and alcohol. chilled martini style, popular in Texas
crush codeine and mix with cough syrup in martini shaker. add with alcohol, like gin and juice, serve straight up chilled
by wej johnson March 15, 2003
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