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The most badass and sexiest rock chick/frontwoman of all time. Plays Guitar in a kickass band called Halestorm. Check 'em out.
*Me watching Love Bites MV*
*Friend walks in*
Friend: Hey
Me: Hey
Friend: Hey who's that chick with the Gibson?
Me: Only the sexiest metal frontwoman known, Lzzy Hale!
Friend: Dayum, I think I got a boner
by weirdyrandommetal1977 September 06, 2014
Hardcore Punk band from Long island, Ny. Known for the singers high pitched screams and pissed off lyrics
Stray From The Path is one of the few remaining Hardcore Punk bands in this decade
by weirdyrandommetal1977 March 15, 2015
A former pornographic website where users could post nude pictures of their ex-partners or band members of bands from the hardcore scene (e.g A Day To Remember). The website was highly criticized for being 'Revenge Porn' and Hunter Moore (Life-Ruiner and Isanyoneup's creator/owner) has had to face lawsuits and death threats from these ex-partners/band members. Controversy arose with the Website when A Day To Remember refused to play at the 2011 Bamboozle Festival, since the sites owner would be an attendee at their performance. The reason they refused is because a week ago, nude pictures of Joshua Woodard (Bassist for ADTR) were exposed onto the website by Moore.
On April 19 2012, after an FBI investigation, Hunter Moore was given no choice but to shut down the website.
Daisy: I can't believe Brad send my nudes onto isanyoneup
Trish: He was just trying to get revenge on you for cheating on him

Jason: Did you see those nudes of Josh Woodard on isanyoneup?
Nick: Yeah, poor guy, now fangirls will start fangirling over his naked body
Jason: His ex must really hate him
by weirdyrandommetal1977 July 29, 2014
A common catchphrase used by Cleveland Brown from Family Guy.
*Quagmire and Cleveland are at the pool*
Quagmire: *Takes a leak in the pool*
Cleveland: Oh, that's nasty
by weirdyrandommetal1977 October 09, 2014
The one thing thats destroying humanity is humanity itself
All the wars, drug abuses, rapes and murders are done by humans, thus humanity could end for all we know
by weirdyrandommetal1977 August 21, 2014
A shit music talent seeking series that in the end, the losers are the real winners. known for manufacturing JLS, one direction and loads more retarded acts i don't wanna name cuz i'll get sick if i do.
Simon Cowell should just shut down X factor for life, cuz it's ruining the music industry with all their talentless excuses for artists
by weirdyrandommetal1977 April 08, 2015
Underoath's rhythm guitarist and most underrated member.
You're not an Underoath Fan unless you know ALL the Memebrs, and that includes James Smith.
by weirdyrandommetal1977 March 27, 2015

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