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Green day USED to be a good band...until american idiot. Half the people on here that are saying you're retarded if you don't like green day are completely wrong.

Old fans do not hate green day now because they have became more political in their songs or that they have become mainstream, they hate them because they have sold out and now are singing pop music.

A majority of green day fans i've seen recently have claimed to be their biggest fan yet they will argue with you and say american idiot is green day's only album. Green Day has sold out if you teenyboppers listen to their albums like dookie and kerplunk you would notice how much better they were in their older albums.

Most of the girls that claim to be green day's biggest fan only say that because they think billie-joe is hot!!!!

In a few months time another band will become mainstream and billions more posers will follow them then and deny that they one liked green day.
Do I really need an example? I think people can see for themselves how many posers are acting about green day being the best band in the world...THEY'RE NOT
by weird-freak January 10, 2006

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