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when in the 69 position you seem to lose some consciousness and focus only on the pleasure you are recieving while your partner recieves the dead mouth or dead tongue syndrome, depending on the circumstance.
"me and this guy were doing 69 when i lost focus and starting concetrating on the pleasure i was recieving, when i came to was giving a sloppy half ass hand job, i was totally in a 69 coma"
by weiner4ya August 19, 2009
often mistaken for the butterflies, however with no feelings for the other person emotionally. it is generally a physical symptom in the genital regions felt when thinking about having sex with another individual who does not pose as one's boyfriend or girlfriend.
Kate-"wow making out with that guy i really like gave me butterflies in my stomach."

Amy-" yea making out with that complete stranger gave me the horney tingles in my vagina, i'll probably take him home."
by weiner4ya August 19, 2009
when you have to pee so bad and when you finally make it to the toilet, you actually shiver a bit because it feels so good to finally be peeing.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i had to pee so bad i totally just got the pee-pee shivers, i shook the whole toilet.
by weiner4ya August 19, 2009

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