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2 definitions by weezybabyF

Highly advanced scientific process which involves recombining the DNA of certain organisms to reproduce new hybrid organisms for the benefit of man kind.

Although such technology has many promising applications, many of which are already in use today: Genetically modified crops. There are also many downsides: What is the value of life if it can simply be replaced?

Forsaken by religious fanatics, staunch conservatives, tree huggers as well as many well informed intelligent people. A very controversial topic.

May lead to cloning of humans and ultimately the defacing of personal identity and nature as we know it. Human ethics will come into play and are already being tested over such topics.
"I was going to die of brain cancer but thanks to genetic engineering they simply grew human cortex in a pig and now I have a pig brain instead of a human brain!"

"World hunger was ended thanks to genetically modified crops!"

by weezybabyF January 23, 2009
An occurrence in cities that get snow where roads that may have once been nicely divided into 3 lanes turn into two very distinct lanes due to the tracks which are repeatedly driven in. Such snowlanes adhere to no actual laws, rhyme or reason but merely the easiest and most common paths to drive. At any given time you may find that the snowlane you are driving in appears to be directly in the middle of two lanes and the dividing line is right in the middle of your lane. This is acceptable and there's really nothing you can do until the snow plows clear it, or if its forged in ice, the spring comes.
"What the fuck, the white line is right in the middle of this snowlane"
"Ya in the spring there's actually three lanes on this road but I guess it got turned into two snowlanes"
by weezybabyF January 05, 2009