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Menthol cigarettes normally purchaced by old black men.
Cracker #1: "What kind of cigarettes did you get?"
Cracker #2: "Camel Menthols."
Cracker #1: "Aww, man, why did you have to get niggatine?"
by weezy1488 November 09, 2007
When a group of white people are witness to a black person doing a real "nigger move" but, because of the black person's presense, are not able to call the black person a nigger, they say, "asshole", but mean, "nigger".
Cracker #1: "Yo! Jarome took the last piece of pizza! You are an asshole Jarome!"
Cracker Posse: "Ha ha!"
Jarome: "Man, ya'll be trippin'."
by weezy1488 November 09, 2007
Noticing your partner is innocently falling asleep in the single spoon position from across the room, you run towards said partner and jump into the spooning position mid-air and forcefully inject yourself as the completing spoon in a manner stronger than <spooning>, yet you do not have an erection, so it is not <forking>, it is knifing.
Friend #1: "What are those bruses on your back?"
Friend #2: "Oh, those? Tim was knifing me last night. Nothing has turned me on more in my life."
by weezy1488 November 09, 2007

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