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5 definitions by weener

A musical genius who can master his voice to any style from hip-hop to metal. Also a member of many influental bands, including Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, and Fantomas.
Mike Patton is a great vocalist.
by weener March 27, 2003
V. To be on the couch chilaxing. See: chilaxing
The very form of beign a couch potatoe
I was too busy couching to eat, so I died.
by WEENER February 17, 2005
he has a sweet body
he is a very y boy
he has hot abs
i want tims tight hot ass
by weener February 17, 2005
Some blind black dude, who got a lot of pussy.
Ray Charles is totally tits.
by WEENER February 19, 2005
A town full of yuppie ass rich fags who should burn in hell
Naperville is full of yuppie ass fags
by weener March 04, 2005