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When someone loves tetris so much that playing it or fantasizing about it become the only ways that they can get aroused. Many people with this fetish get off with one hand while playing tetris with the other.
Guy 1: "That girl I was with last night kept telling me I had a nice line piece and she yelled 'tetris' when she came."

Guy 2: "Yeah, I tried to tell you she has tetrisphilia."

Guy 1: "She did insist on having the song 'Korobeiniki' playing while we had sex..."
by weegee9148 February 11, 2011
1) To be owned, taken down, humiliated or dominated by someone, especially while playing soccer.

2) When you offer to pay the bar tab for a hot young lady only to discover it is more than you can afford.
Ex 1: Fan 1 "Did you see the Cruyff Bethia just did around that guy?"

Fan 2 "Yeah, he, just got completely Barowned."

Ex 2: Guy 1 "So I tried to pick up the tab for this hottie at the club last night. Turns out she drinks only top shelf Scotch. It maxed out my card..."

Guy 2 "Lame...She totally Barowned you!"
by weegee9148 May 24, 2011

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