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10 definitions by weeabix

Basically 3 meanings-
1)an inferior munchkin who has no friends and is shit at wateva game or wateva
2)guy the fly
3)chicken nugget from maccy d's
1)omfg roflcopter lol lmao tis an inferior nublet
2)guy shutup you nublet
3)mmmmmm- demms is some good chicken nublets

pronounced- nu-b-lett
by weeabix May 10, 2005
a little man - (of which guy nakamura is a good example -

see- guy the fly or shiznit for more info.

a term that can be used to annoy, but in some cases, just to point out an obvious statement
'guy is a manlet, haha, he is so small lol !!11!!1!!1!!! !111oneoneeleven!!11!!onehundred!!1 !11!!eleven!
by weeabix April 26, 2005
a verb often used by big-ass pimps when blazin a zut
'oy, homes swing me da zut'
by weeabix April 25, 2005