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1 definition by wee omey

MV, short for midget vagina, a rare condition commonly found in females that originate from the donegal reigon in Ireland.

Midget Vagina (midget vaginatosis, medical term) is where a fully grown woman has a vagina that is severely undersized(typically 1mm in width), this results extreme sexual frustration in the female. thus resulting in the female rejecting any male with a large penis and substituting him with a male with a midget penis (male usually from a similar or close by area).

while a cure for midget vaginatosis has not been found yet, an ancient myth says that if the affected female wears a mexican styled G-BANGER(slang for g-string), she should experinece a burst in vaginal growth.
damn that chick had some serious dose of the Mv man!!
by wee omey November 13, 2009