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Wednesday 13 is the shit. He rocked in Murderdolls and rocks in Wednesday 13... they are touring soon *goes into fantasy*
When I saw you piss on the rug,
My heart fluttered and I knew,
It was love, true love...
by wednesday 13 March 17, 2005
I love the cure soooooo much. I'm 14 and I think Robert smith is the hotest guy ever. And also the cure are the greatest band ever. Compared to the cure nirvana is nothing. Mary why can't I be you??????
Whater words you say I will always love you *sigh*
by wednesday 13 March 03, 2005
hawthorne heights kick ass, i am obsessed with them, they do deserve to be more well known. They rock. Oh and they are so are emo. fuck all emo haters!!!!!!!!
I cant make it on my own
'cause my heart is in Ohio
by wednesday 13 March 03, 2005
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