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1 definition by wedgie mutilation

painful mutilation of the ass and balls
this one time i was walking down a pathway behind the school (a shortcut home) and a bunch of upperclassmen jumped from behind trees and attacked me. They punched me all over until I blacked out. I woke up in a huge wedgie. I was in a tree, no clothes on but my briefs. I was suspended over water, the swimming hole me and my friends go to. there was also a branch sticking out about ten or so feet down. if i fell, my balls would be done, never to have kids. i started to yell for help, but no one came or said anything. after a while it was getting dark. my parents were gone for the weekend, so it would not be bad at home, but i did not want to hang there all night. i waited. then, i heard a slight crack noise, and the branch i was hung from broke. I screamed, and before i knew it my balls were on fire, burning with pain. The branch i hit broke, and i fell in the water. i scrambled out and limped home. when i examined my balls they were cherry red, as well as my dick, and my whole crotch area was bruising. i never found out who did it, but whoever did was there the whole time, video taping me. i found it at school, when people had copys of it.
by wedgie mutilation February 23, 2009