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Padua girls, unlike Ursuline, actually like to hold SOME amount of repect for themselves and not parade about like some rabid streetwalker. Girls from padua get guys not by latching their mouths to zipper confined organs, but by actually having the brains to hold a conversation. Girls who may be called sluts, but the things they are doing are just misinterpreted; such as getting hammered for the local sallies dance or party, and then getting groped by a few males(maybe even a few women). Padua girls are also known for keeping good grades and taking part in school activities; while on the weekends getting plastered, plowed, stoned, and over all wasted, but still coming back to school to maintain the good grades and putting up one hell of a front so their parents don't have one clue.
Sallies Dance
Sallies guy 1: Why the hell is that girl going down on him right in the middle of the dance floor?! Isn't she a padua girl?
Sallies guy 2: No.Ursuline. But the girl who took her shirt off and is waving it in the air sure as hell is a padua girl!
by weasley March 18, 2005
A borderline obsessive compulsive fan of Paris Hilton
You bought how many copies of The Simple Life DVD? Girl, shoot, you're such a <b>par</b>asite.
by weasley June 29, 2004

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