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A word used when
a girl fingers herself and is spotted

eventually the dude joins in
Dude - I saw a girl fingering herself, she was well shocktuck!

Man - What does that mean? hat did you do?

Dude - Saved her the hard work and did it for her! ;)
by wearingthehat June 10, 2008
The wierd substance
That comes out of your belly button when you meet 'the one'
It looks like blood, bogeys and urine all mixed together and it is very thick
Once people settle down in their lives after finding 'the one' they donate their Spagoo to a special group of people who use it to make Jelly!

This is then eventually eaten by humans!
Vicar - You may now kiss the bride!
Now what are you going to do with your spagoo?
Groom and Bride - donate it!

Family Member - OMFGZ! Thats rough
by wearingthehat June 11, 2008
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