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3 definitions by wearetheloop

The technical definition for the time in a morning that a bacon butty is required. Usually after a night on the lash and a good lie in, and often accompanied by a brew.
You: "Urrrrgggggghhhhh, what time is it?"
Your lass: "2 in the afternoon."
You: "Damn, I've overslept, it's nearly Bacon o'clock!"
by wearetheloop April 06, 2008
Someone with idiotic idiosyncrasies.
Look at that guy climbing a mountain in flip-flops. What a faffhead.
by wearetheloop January 24, 2008
The situation whereby you are annoyed, agitated, fed-up or otherwise have the urge to utter the word 'meh' in dismay.
My dog's just died, my lass has just left me, i've just been sacked AND banned from every bar in the town. I'm feeling well Mehski.
by wearetheloop January 19, 2008