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elgwago is fuck you,fully sik kunt only known as bokwa,fucken boky kunt,che bokwa fuck you,que me dehistes,fucken gwago kunt
used in a sentence" excuse me sir,could you please direct me to el gwago you fucken shit kunt your wifes suckin my dick,bitch,gwago kunt"
by we February 15, 2004
The story of the ghost who appears in a mirror when summoned has been told many times in countless variations. Children, following the directions provided in the version they heard, have been trying to contact Bloody Mary for at least 30 years now, perhaps for much longer than that. There's something about the story that makes it almost a tradition at slumber parties and summer camp, or basically anywhere a group of youngsters get together away from the watchful eyes of adults.
trains have been around for 300 years
by we May 26, 2004
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