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A town about 25 minutes away from San Francisco, and 15 from Oakland and Berkeley. People from all around the bay area come to Walnut Creek to shop in Broadway Plaza which is filled with stores too expensive for any normal person to shop at. For the locals, it's extremely boring, so they result to getting drunk and high every weekend. and hang out at the "blocks" out in front of the movie theater in downtown. The two high schools are Las Lomas and Northgate. They are rival schools and if you mix the two together it would become deadly. Las Lomas is full of ugly guys and pretty girls, all extremely rich. It's about 60% white, 15% asian, 10% Persian, 10% mexican, and 5% black. Northgate is full of wanna-be ghetto stoners. the girls are all really ugy and wear too much makeup. the guys are hot, but complete douche bags. if i had to choose, i'd choose Las Lomas. athletics are better, and if you go to Las Lomas, you're more likely to succeed.
nah bro, have you seen those Walnut Creek kids? i'd rather not.
by wazzapp989 February 13, 2011
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