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Hampden-Sydney is a place of incredible oppurtunity sheltered in an Old South community surrounded by old money, bourbon drinking, hunting boys. Comprised of over 1000 men and 1000 acres, HSC is a college comprised of all men who are nothing short of badass. Sure some might not be able to get into W&L but guys at W&L could'nt get into Princeton. The badass graduates at HSC go onto perform in local, state, and federal service in both the private and public sector. HSC men are not only gentlemen but also hard working academics that take what they study and work at very seriously. The brotherhood at HSC is almost magical in strength that it exudes.

Dude that did Definition 2: Does that dude go to HSC?
Dude that did Definition 3: I dunno, is he a badass?
Dude that did Definition 4: Yeah, looks like it, he's with a hott ass chick.
Dude that did Definiton 6: Sure is, how does someone acheive so much?
Dude that did Definition 7: Go to Hampden-Sydney.
by wayoutwest March 29, 2006

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