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38 definitions by wayfarer

n. a construction worker, driller, miner, or roofer, from working outside in the sun, and because they often fit the definition given above.
by wayfarer May 05, 2005
67 57
v. As a woman, to snort cocaine in a public restroom, like at a nightclub or bar; a phrase borrowed from applying make-up
c.f. powder, blow, jane,
by wayfarer May 03, 2005
30 20
proper noun: The New Jersey Shore; Literally, "down to the Shore," or "down at the Shore."
"We went downashore for Memorial Day."

"Have yiz been to my house downashore?"
by wayfarer April 29, 2005
9 3
proper noun (regional U.S. English): the state of Rhode Island, as said with a Rhode Island accent. This spelling, popularized by "Providence Phoenix" mag columnists Phillipe and Jorge, probably comes closest to the actual RI accent centered in Cranston (Cvan-stin) and Providence. The RI accent is most aptly characterized as a cross between the accents/dialects of Boston/South-Eastern New England and Long Island, NY.
by wayfarer August 22, 2005
12 7
proper noun (regional U.S. English): Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A., from the city's nickname, Brick City.
by wayfarer August 22, 2005
8 5
n. In New Jersey, New York City
by wayfarer April 28, 2005
4 3
n. a retail store employee, usually a teenager, who works a register.
That emo girl's dressed like a Hot Topic counter jockey.
by wayfarer April 29, 2005
4 4