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v. As a woman, to snort cocaine in a public restroom, like at a nightclub or bar; a phrase borrowed from applying make-up
c.f. powder, blow, jane,
by wayfarer May 03, 2005
n. a construction worker, driller, miner, or roofer, from working outside in the sun, and because they often fit the definition given above.
by wayfarer May 05, 2005
proper noun: The New Jersey Shore; Literally, "down to the Shore," or "down at the Shore."
"We went downashore for Memorial Day."

"Have yiz been to my house downashore?"
by wayfarer April 29, 2005
proper noun (regional U.S. English): the state of Rhode Island, as said with a Rhode Island accent. This spelling, popularized by "Providence Phoenix" mag columnists Phillipe and Jorge, probably comes closest to the actual RI accent centered in Cranston (Cvan-stin) and Providence. The RI accent is most aptly characterized as a cross between the accents/dialects of Boston/South-Eastern New England and Long Island, NY.
by wayfarer August 22, 2005
proper noun (regional U.S. English): Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A., from the city's nickname, Brick City.
by wayfarer August 22, 2005
noun: (orig. New England, USA) a compound word created from the word jew and the acronym W.A.S.P. - meaning White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. It refers to a person who has a parent of each type.
This kind of union, once rare and taboo, is becoming more common, especially in greater New York and New England, where more historically separated ethno-racial groups are becoming more homogenous. The term jasp was originally coined, most likely, in New England/NY private schools and colleges, and the Ivy League.
by wayfarer March 22, 2006
n. In New Jersey, New York City
by wayfarer April 28, 2005
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