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v. In the South West U.S., racing 4WD vehicles over rough, rocky terrain. Also called dune racing, or in California, womping
by wayfarer April 27, 2005
n. a Dairy Queen restaurant
tounge-in-cheek slang common among Texas transplants
by wayfarer April 27, 2005
n. "the bench;" the bench team sports players sit on during gameplay. To "ride the pine pony" means to sit out of a game because of an injury, a suspension, or, especially, because a player sucks.
"His torn ACL has him riding the pine pony until next season."
by wayfarer April 30, 2005
v.: to steal, in particular, to steal drugs

cf: nick, lift, gank, snag,boost
"i pinched an eighth from his stash."
by wayfarer April 27, 2005
noun: In conversation, the act of purposefully avoiding the pronouns "her," "him," "she," and "he," to hide the gender of the person being spoken about from the listener.
Common substitutes include: they; they're; someone, this person; my friend

The particular phrase "pronoun game" comes from Kevin Smith's film "Chasing Amy" though the idea is pretty common.
#chasing amy #ze #phe #bi #hook-up #blind date
by wayfarer March 25, 2006
n. 1. An low-rent neighborhood of Venice Beach, California where modern skateboarding was, literally, invented.
2. a suburban neighborhood characterized by gang activity
by wayfarer May 05, 2005
n. A somewhat derogatory term for a Harvard University student, heard mostly in the greater Boston area; from "barnyard," the old term for the land which Harvard now occupies.
the films, "Good Will Hunting," "With Honors," etc.
by wayfarer April 27, 2005
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