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2 definitions by watz!t 2ya

1. n. A typical pointless senior citizen fit, usually involving bad drivers, politicians, or sports.
2. v. To commit a pap.

Origin: "pap," short for grandpap (also see definition 17 for mick)
The Steelers lost again, and Gramps had a pap.

He papped when he got stuck behind the guy driving the speed limit because he was going "too gah-dam slow."
by watz!t 2ya January 22, 2008
1. n. An action done with complete thoughtlessness.
2. v. To commit a mick.

Origin: "mick," truncation of "Micki," nickname for grandma (also see definition 27 for pap)
"Did that fatass take ANOTHER cupcake??? I just told her they were for Saturday's party!"
"Yeah, she's prone to micks."

"Aw, Stacy micked again! She left the back door open in the rain!"
by watz!t 2ya January 22, 2008