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when a girl tries to blame a fart during sex as a queef usually to no avail because of the smell
what was that
just a queef keep going
since when have your queefs smelt like ass and muffins I'm calling Ass queef! (leave room)
Awww i wasnt finished. Where's that Carrot
by watthefrukbitch May 01, 2009
A mystical lawn-gnome that lives in the land of the underteat
At first I thought it was a Weenus Weebal-teat but it was just a drunk midget
by watthefrukbitch May 01, 2009
A place where tit-dirt collects
The woman lifted her breast so she could itch her Weebalteat
by watthefrukbitch May 01, 2009
someone who's able to get their balls under something and get shit done
look at him he's a Fruckin Work-Horse
by watthefrukbitch May 01, 2009
A piss filled condom used as a dildo mostly favored at lesbian parties.
Aw dude did you see those 2 lesbos going at it with that snake skin watercraft?!
by watthefrukbitch January 08, 2010
:Smart Fuck-Tard

anyone who laughs at the word Djbouti
that guy is a smucktard because he got his ribs removed so he could blow himself
by watthefrukbitch May 01, 2009
Gay asshole
that fag thought he could kick my ass what an Ass-Douche
by watthefrukbitch May 01, 2009

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