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Someone who may have homosexual leanings or tendencies, but much less offensive then "fag" or "queer". It signifies a more blue collar form of homosexuality, as apposed to a "flamer" or someone who is "Flamboyantly Gay".
"Dude look at that pansy Derek, He is such a Gaybo Brown"
by Wath20 May 15, 2009
When one person is pranked by another by filling his or her front yard with Christmas trees. This feat can usually only be accomplished in the two weeks following Christmas, when trees are tossed out and left on the curb for pick-up. A popular and effective method is to pack many trees against the victim's front door, so that when he or she opens said door, the trees tumble into the house, blocking the way out. Christmas treeing is not limited to front yards, it can be done in houses, rooms, cubicles, cars, or any place that a tree or more will fit.
"Did you guys end up treeing that pansy Derek's house?"

"Yeah man we Christmas Tree'd him hard bro, we hit him with 27 trees"
by wath20 January 20, 2010
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