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cruella (devine)

this is a woman who looks like cruella deville(101 dalmations) but whos surname is actually devine!

she is someone who will stab you in the back faster than you know whats happening! especially if you have been friends with her!
be cautious when approaching this 'woman' if she has consumed alcohol as this is when her 'cruel'la powers come into action!!
she prances around her place of work wearing a plastic coat that looks like a bin bag, totally oblivious to the fact that no-one can stand her!
its quite amusing actually because she has no friends outside of work, coz she shit on them from a great height and she supposedly slept with another friends husband........
holy shit....what was that?........ffs it was cruella (devine) and her knives stabbing me in the back!!

omg how am i going to pay my bills? now that cruella (devine) has stopped me from getting work to pay them!

shhh....can you hear that??....its cruella (devine) getting sacked by the care commission!! lol
by watch out odd's about! September 05, 2009

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