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(verb): to grab your daughter's boyfriend by the shoulder before giving him a lecture.
He couldn't get to first base because he got dadgrasped.
by wasupwiththat November 29, 2009
(verb): to make (someone or something) awesome or more awesome
I need to awesomeify my sister's room now that she's off to college.

I'm totally awesomefying my pad this weekend.
by wasupwiththat December 02, 2009
(adj): used to describe something that is both horrible and horrifying, such as an accident.
Oh my gosh did you hear about the train wreck? How horrifle!

Wow, that poorly made horror movie was horrifle.
by wasupwiththat November 29, 2009
(pronounced kid-in-fig) verb: to make a comical reference to a spelling error
Haha... I was just kiddinfg
by wasupwiththat November 29, 2009

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