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A group of perfectly normal people who hold the Jewish faith. Are God's chosen people (whether you agree or not, I couldn't give a shit). Have been persecuted unfairly by all kinds of people, from Romans to Nazis, but surprisingly enough are still here (suck on that).

Many stereotypical comments are made about Jews, such as their obsession with money, the shape of their noses, etc. but actually it's hardly true.

The discrimination against, and hatred of, the jews is mostly hypocritical, as among other events in religious histories, Muhammad created the Koran based on the Talmud, and Jesus began Christianity in Jerusalem as a part of Judaism (as he was a Jew himself).

Jews have no racist or prejudiced feelings towards anyone of any race or religion, so get very offended when started on or attacked, shouted at or discriminated against for no reason, whether it be on the news or on the street.
Chav, pointing at Jewish teenager in the street: "JEW JEW JEW!!!!!!"

Jew: "Yes, I know. Do you think that offends me??? Dumb shit."

Ignoramus: "Jews control the world, are responsible for 9/11, and the Holocaust was a made-up story to get sympathy from the rest of the world so they could MAKE MORE MONEYYYYY"
Jew: "Yep. Okay. Do I even need to argue with this guy? What an idiot. Go home, redneck"

Biased news channel: "The Israeli army have just begun a totally illegal offensive against the Palestinians, who only fired 60 rockets into Haifa yesterday, killing 48 people. The IDF responded by blowing up a Hamas leader's house. Digsusting."
by wasteman555 August 02, 2009

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