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Pronounced, "we" (for serious)

The OFFICIAL name (announced April 27, 2006) to the newest system belonging to Nintendo. From a recent poll on a gaming site, only 9.15% of people said "It's neat, catchy, and I like it" while the rest HATE it and don't understand the reason why they changed it to it's earlier code-name, "Nintendo Revolution". The innovative idea of using a remote control-like gaming control in which you can point to the screen and actually interact like you are in the game itself is what draws people in since the other system in progress (PS3)doesn't and the already-released system, X-Box 360 could not compare aswell.

The very hated name, "Wii" has had potential customers to re-think buying the system (as childish as it sounds, its true) because they would be to embarresed to ask their friends if they "want to play with their Wii". Everyone wants Nintendo to re-name the system back to 'Revolution' and who knows, if critisism of the name continues, they may just have to change it. The name "Wii" opens many doors to hilarious jokes such as, "OMG, LAST NIGHT LISA SAT ON MY WII! IT HASNT BEEN FUNCTIONING PROPERLY SINCE. OMG OMG" and "Dont be so rough with my wii!". Personally, even I hate the name wii... what was nintendo thinking this time?

Reason for wii? It was a simple thought, perposely pronounced "we" so customers will think it is for everyone, having games for all kinds of people (whether your a just a little child, a violence and action desiring teen, or a more mature adult). The game also makes it sound like you and the game as one, not just you alone nor just the character in the game, but 'we' or 'both' playing together, the first step towards the new way of gaming. The problem is that since it sound like more of a 'family friendly' system, the rumour of Nintendo having only 'kiddy games' will be believed by all idiotic gamers that only decide on what system to buy if it is 'popular, and ghetto' face it, X-box was only liked because of Halo, Playstation is 'okay' but not as Nintendo, it's only more popular because of the rumour Sega spread around about Nintendo being a 'kiddy system' (i'm not saying i hate Sega, its good).

If gamers would only buy systems because of how good the actual gameplay is (not just because of graphics or popularity *hints towards X-box fans). The truth is that Nintendo is the superior system, or atleast will re-claim its well deserved title of ultimate gaming system as it was in the olden days.

BTW, lots of games for Xbox and PS2 that are the most popular (discluding Halo) wasn't originally from that system itself *cough*final fantasy and gta*cough*, and most others are available for all 3 systems (ie, Mortal Kombat: Deception)
Nintendo Wii, the most innovative system of the next generation systems and the greatest.
by wasteOtime April 28, 2006

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