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A fake hippy. Usually found playing hackey sack and getting stoned, a hippycrite is someone who moans at you for the products you buy or for 'killing the planet' then drives the half mile to KFC for some battery farmed chicken and drops the wrappers out the car window.
James is doing my head in, chatting shit about the environment when he goes on holiday every other day and his carbon footprint is about the size of a dinosaur. He's such a fucking hippycrite!
by wassonthen February 11, 2011
A very large amount, usually said on returning from a bar.
I said I was having a few but got absolutely wankered!
by wassonthen February 13, 2011
Abbr: kii

1) an injury sustained by hitting the floor when falling into a K hole.

2) bruises and scrapes on the knees or back from falling over due to too much K.
I have no idea where that fat bruise on my leg came from, must be a ketamine induced injury.
by wassonthen February 13, 2011
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