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Pronunciation: 'blak 'd&(ng)
Function: noun

1: What one gets after a heavy night of drinking Guinness or Guinness Extra Stout. Normally not a pleasant experience and relatively foul. Play on the disease black lung. A form of beer shits.
Dood, the Raiders game was so bad last night I had to bathe in Guinness to enjoy it... and this morning I had the worst case of black dung.
by washins September 12, 2006
The Phoenix Coyotes are an NHL hockey franchise in the southwest USA, they play in the Western Conference/Pacific Division.

They were originally the Winnipeg Jets before moving to Phoenix in 1996. The original Coyotes jersey grew on me, but then they changed it and now it sucks, it looks a wild dog sucking on a teet.
The Phoenix Coyotes usually suck the big balls, but I like them anyways. Go Coyotes!
by washins August 29, 2006

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