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2 definitions by wasabiwaffles

A pair of sweet, voluptuous, TITS round in shape and more than a mouthful in size sported by the character Annie in the popular MOBA League of Legends.
Annie - "Have you seen my bare Tibbers?"

Tibbers - "Rawr..."

Other Person - "Omfg those are small."
by wasabiwaffles October 09, 2011
103 72
Retardation when seen in a group of people, this strain of retardation seems to be quite prevalent in 80% of the dota community.
noob: Dam u suk att d0ta, u liek dat cok eh, gulp gulp
noob 2: lolololol

pro: looks like you guys are afflicted with group retardation, you should seek help at
by wasabiwaffles August 01, 2011
24 2