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'C.O.D Cunt' can be used as a Noun, Adjective or Verb, as well as in any tense, whether it be past, present or future.

Require the person(s) to have first achieved the status of 'C.O.D Dick'.

A 'C.O.D Cunt' is someone who talks to themselves, only using explicit language, during multi-player mode of 'C.O.D.I.N.G'. Fundamentally, a major aspect of this is;
Reaching a state of lethargic behaviour, where they visualise playing when they are not

The term 'C.O.D Cunt' is so extravagantly unique, even that clever 'PHD doctor' blokie with that crazy computer voice, would not be able to even comprehend the very beginning of this absolute gem of plucky English wit, in his 'Brief of History' of his so called 'time'. In such, it may be used, applied and championed in many different ways, and should not be taken for granted or abused.

To fulfil 'The Cherished-C.O.D Cunt-Title', one must be at a constant state of complete unadulterated non-sobriety, whilst actively contributing to the heroic task that many aspire to achieve.

Food and sleep is strictly not allowed during the period of divine indulgent pleasure that is 'C.O.D.I.N.G'.

WARNING:deciding to become a 'C.O.D Cunt' is a self-fulfilling way of life and following this pathway of true enlightenment should be taken with great care.
'The Cherished-C.O.D Cunt-Title' (A Prime example of good English alliteration.)

Can also be mixed with other words to create the various states of playing 'C.O.D.'

1#C.O.D Cunt: We can all C.O.D Cunt together round the C.O.D Cunting Christmas tree. However, you part-timers that are C.O.D Dicks can C to the O to the D cunt off!
2#C.O.D Cunt: Ah fuck that fanny flapping bastered has just cunting shanked me!

1#C.O.D cunt: Insertion....yeah...fucking prick...head shot.
by wardataionstation November 03, 2010

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