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taking the time to speak to someone face to face instead of telling them via text.
organic communication motherfucker! say that shit to my face!
by war-n January 18, 2015
changing the gender of your usual sexual partner, just to see if the grass is greener.
"did you hear jacky and marie broke up?"
"yeah marie cheated on her with some dude"

"no shit"
"yeah so then jacky wound up hopping the fence herself just to see what cock was all about"
"wow. what did she think?"
by war-n September 10, 2014
having the shits of work
"bob was pissed when he left for lunch today, i don't think he'll be back"
"oh yeah?"
"yeah, said he had a bad case of industrial diarrhea"
by war-n September 10, 2014
dropping a person tripping on hallucinogenic drugs off somewhere. usually to the dismay of their roommates.
yo, i just dropped a crazy bomb off. watch out for xavier, he's gone.
by war-n March 25, 2012

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