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The mass murder of many unborn babies.
I was too cheap to spend 50 cents on a condom, and as a result I have decided to kill my child through an abortion.
#abortion #murder #killing #sex #fetus
by wannnacruise February 21, 2010

A name for a person that is just straight up amazing. They know how to make you feel better when you're having a crappy day, and connect with you really well. They're generally pretty good looking, and have a really good personality and are just fun to be around. They can sometimes make you stressed out and make a big deal over little things, but in the end it makes you more attracted to them.
I thought I saw an angel walking down the street, but then I realized it was a Kristine Bateman.
#nice #beautiful #fun #cool #sweet
by wannnacruise June 04, 2009

Name for one of the coolest people you can meet. They're awesome to be around and can take a joke every now and again, super good at listening, and like to eat a lot. Like to smoke pot; pretty gangsta.
I felt like crap so I decided to get me a Natalie Hudson.

I thought I saw Fat Albert, but then I realized it was Natalie Hudson.
#awesome #fun #fat #pot #gangsta
by wannnacruise June 04, 2009
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