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Who would've guessed that one of the most elite communities in New York would be a neighborhood in Brooklyn? Believe it. Park Slope people could roll with westchester or upper east siders anyday. Park Slope is much more than a neighborhood, it's a lifestyle, this may sound chiche but it is 100% true. Full of yuppies, and yuppie stores, and yuppie restaurants, this is a place were everybody lives in an apartment and sends their kids to public school (because of their extreme liberal-ness, park slopers believe public school is just as good as private), except they forgot to tell you that this was the best ranked public school in nyc, and their apartment (that they claim is modest) cost 1 million+. It is all about being material, in a casual way. Yuppies pretending to be Hippies, who buy trendy organic food, "don't see" their kids smoking pot, and spend time with nature in the park. Park Slope is a very close and tight-knit community, its like living in a small town, except you're in the city- its very picturesque and everybody knows each other. If you dont live in the slope, don't go there, you will feel very out of place.
Park Slope is pretty much the awesomest place in the world to live; If you can crack your way into this unified community.
by wannabe sloppie September 24, 2005

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