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Obvious applications; but especially that place to get on your knees and worship---Lap!---Lap!---Lap!---
Temple of the Holy Vagina; the only kind of organized religion which makes sense.
by wanker56 May 09, 2007
Take a recently excised colon of a Hamtramck resident, (which has a historically high percentage of Poles), and stuff this colon with the usual goodies of the Scottish dish.
"You really screwed up that deal: you're going to have to eat the Hamtramck haggis for that one..."
by wanker56 August 10, 2009
The Denver Douchebags with that inimitible Douchebag, John "Wrongway" Elwad who would run 40 yard to avoid being tackled because he was a pantywaist.
The Douchebags announcer: "Elway...Elway...Elway...Awwwwww, sacked again!"
by wanker56 November 20, 2009

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