24 definitions by wang

a stick used as an anal probe
he badillas himself for pleasure
by wang May 12, 2003
= to do u want to have sex. if they say yes then...sex is on. unless of course its the czar of russia then its a lil out of line
-hey baby u want to go out for Coffee...
--yea sure
-Great!...oh u mean coffee. not Coffee..yes yes coffee would be fine
by wang March 24, 2004
Korn is hella better than this band.
I took a huge shit, and it reaked of consign as i flushed it.
by Wang March 16, 2004
Australian redneck or yobbo, typically involved in wearing flannel, watching footy and drinking cheap local beer. Often seen driving Holden commodores.
Awww mate look at that bloody corn
by Wang April 28, 2003
The man; aka LLL$ $hep
$hep is the man, he is the best
by wang April 06, 2005
A Euphemism for smoking marijuana in ithaca.
Yo, trevor and I went sailing on the 420 boat.
by wang July 13, 2004
The act of one copulating with one's computer modem. Usually performed by inserting the scrotum into the modem. See also: cyber sex.
I love getting off of modem sex.
by wang March 19, 2003
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