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wanda is a pretty girl
wanda is a pretty girl that likes the color black
by wanda June 21, 2003
a girl/guy with a substantial amount of flesh on the arse.
"look .. Shawanda got jabooty!!!"
by Wanda November 20, 2003
am internet slut, one who goes online to get laid...be it cyber or real life hook up
Using yahoo messenger to meet some one to fuck for that night.
by Wanda November 20, 2003
When a trucker has been on the road for many days needing release of his male functions. Similar to blue balls, he needs to cum!
Damn baby I've been on the road for 13 days, I really have a case of diesel dick!
by wanda November 27, 2004
person or persons employed at a state mental institution pretending to work in order to draw a paycheck while only coming to work on paydays.
Paul has been the top butt monkey at New Mexico State Hospital since 1999.
by Wanda May 08, 2003

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