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6 definitions by wama mama

an endearing big, round face with cheeks that stick out pretty far on both sides of the face.
Renee Zelwegger, Queen Latifa, Kevin Spacey (just a tad bit), and "Big Boy"
by wama mama March 03, 2004
9 3
an intellectual who wears glasses but has a big time mullet.
outcasts from the eighties
by wama mama March 09, 2004
4 2
a skinny elongated face with a mouth that is thin, and round and curves up at the corners
.1)Molly Sims- a pretty version
.2)The "Thin Man" in "Charlie's Angel's"-ugly version
by wama mama March 03, 2004
0 0
a term for endearment and awkwardness when referring to something that is new and strange to someone
"Man, those abercrombie boys be hangin' out and havin' a good ol' time with the brothas and old folks. They stanky asses."
by wama mama March 10, 2004
9 10
a stinky big black boy who is, however, very cute, sweet, and loyal
the little boy in Monster's ball who, really, isn't that little
by wama mama March 01, 2004
3 4
a person with a stanky ass
a boy who has a load of shit in his britches but fails to recognize it
by wama mama May 02, 2004
16 18