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The act of making a girl aroused by sniffing a bump of cocaine off of her nipple, then sucking it until it becomes hard.
Betty is up for the threesome after I gave her a Snow White sniff.
by walrus0115 February 25, 2011
The thermodynamic equilibrium, as average kinetic energy, in the Fahrenheit scale, at which a 250 lb. man can walk one average city block, at the quick pace while producing no observable sweat. This occurs during the colder months in the Northern Hemisphere from September through May. Summer months may produce this effect if the average daily temperature is at or below 68°F.
girl: Wow! It's cold outside today. It only got up to 52°.
fat guy: Awww, ya gotta love Fat Guy Weather. I only need to shower once today.
(Two fat guys then high five each other.)
by walrus0115 December 10, 2010
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