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A poor kid public school in waynesboro,pa.most of the kids who go theres parents household income is 30,000 dollars a year,which alot of them spend on graphic t's at hollister or aeropostale beacuse they think wearing it will make them look rich.....lol.alot of the kids there are rough because almost everybodys parents are divorced.alot of people think there cool there because there parents eaither a waitress at the waffle house,or runs a ghetto salon that braids your hair while putting alot of grease in it.Almost everybody there is a crackhead,most people there start in elementary school.MOst of the kids are stupid and only about 10% graduate from high school.The guys and girls there think there extremely cool and filthy rich if they wear hollister and aeropostale apparel even thought that stuff is for poor people.for a fun time the kids there go to cosmic skate a place where a lot of ghetto poor kids dance to ghetto music,during the summer they go to northside a community pool where the girls and guys can flaunt there tummy rolls in the aeropostale bathing suits that were on clearnce.Alot of the people who attend are either redneck or ghetto.Ghetto is there main aim.lots of the ghetto girls put grease in there hair because the think its cool,there the ones you dont hang out with.lots of boys are players.alot of the teachers are uneducated and arent sufficticated most went to community college for a degree,its a horrible school never attend you'll regret it.
ben a poor kid:Hey mom can we go to the winchester mall in virginia so i can get some graphic t's at hollister.Waynesboro middle school."

Mom:well,ben honey i dont know maybe when we get our 10,000 income tax we can.

ben:how come we cant have a hollister at our local valley mall.
mom:because everybodys too poor to afford it.

ben:of course soory i forgot.

mom:its okay ben why dont you just borry some hand me downs from your best friend landon.

ben:okay but he's at tony's house taking a shower because his mom forgot to pay the water bill.

mom:oh really!!! thats too bad.

ben: i know hmmm. i need a haircut.

mom:why dont you go get one with the 350 dollars i gave you for your b-day.

ben:you mean the money you found while you were walking to the good will to buy me the special carpentar jeans i wanted,okayy thats a great idea.
obviously ben isnt
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by walmartsforpoorpeople October 15, 2011
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