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9 definitions by wallville

A city dweller that has no instinct or simple reasoning.
That citiot just walked straight out into traffic
by wallville September 14, 2009
Word used to describe very large "grape" sized "nipples"
Grimy! Did you see how hard grandma's "gripples" got while she was watching mud wrestling last night?
by wallville December 10, 2008
The act of being forced to listen to someone whining about any give topic. Form a torture.
I was able to go home after she was done whine boarding me, but I did get laid!
by Wallville December 14, 2007
A person that is constantly twitting and talking about twitter all the time.
The conversation was going great until Javier busted in and started to talk about his cyber friends like a twitiot!
by wallville September 17, 2009
A woman that shows off her boobs by jumping up an down and squeezing them together.
The wet t-shirt contest is a magnet for titiots.
by wallville September 15, 2009
A conversation in an elevator that everyone is listening to, but not participating in.
I could barely understand the elecon with the musak playing so loud.
by wallville September 17, 2009
A very hot woman who is dumb as a bucket of bricks.
That Slitiot lost her cell phone...again!
by wallville September 14, 2009