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somethign to do to pass the time
i sure do like masetarbagting more than i like goinng to see all those wierd relatives i don't liek them but i do sure like meaterbatging!!
by wallis & futuna islands June 07, 2004
A vicious dictator of Japan (until WW2). Under his rule, Japanese were taught that they were the master race and that all other races were inferoir. When Japan invaded China during WW2, his Imperial Army slaughtered between 2 million and 6 million Chinese and other non-japanese Asians, and millions more died in the ensuing famine. Not as well known as Hitler, but just as bad.
Hirohito says he knew nothing about the WW2 atrocities, but he surely did - it was his own army!
by wallis & futuna islands May 26, 2004
a super hot pornstar that makes me want to masteruabate a lot
boy, that inari vachs is so hot, today she came over and we had the sex!!
by wallis & futuna islands June 07, 2004
Thats one guy who brings me the bison and the jeepers!!
AW jeez ma', that damn wolfowitz is on the run again, and this time he brought FOUR TOADS IN BRINE!!
by wallis & futuna islands October 19, 2004
hot pussy is pussy that is hot, has been heated up somehow (with a heating element or an oven)
boy, that' pussy is so hot, it's a hot pussy!
that was a cold pussy, now it's a hot pussy, becasue it's significantly warmer in temperature!
i have a hot pussy and this is due to the fact that i have warmed up my pussy before i brought it over
by wallis & futuna islands October 25, 2004
THa'ts one kind of great thing, it's a flarn
this flarn made me piss my pants, but i love it anyways never the less
by wallis & futuna islands October 24, 2004
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