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The French word for alcohol.

Used by English-speaking people mainly in French oral exams, where they are expected to say how much they despise the stuff.

However, mention it to immature thirteen-year-olds on a bender and they will immediately make a link between the word alcool and the word cool. It will amuse them no end and make them feel very grown up and important as they drink their smirnoff ice and WKD in the park. Unless they're total pikeys, in which case it will be cheap cider or special brew.

Despite this, alcool is an interesting variation for all the other words meaning alcohol and is sure to improve your mood. After a while you may begin to refer to booze purely as alcool, which does prove difficult because not everyone speaks French and some of them just presume you're off your tits and can't talk properly. Which, honestly, is probably true.
Thirteen-year-old binger no. 1: Have you got your sister to buy us some alcool for tonight?
Thirteen-year-old binger no. 2: Nah, mate, we're going to have to stay in and sniff the highlighters my mum bought me for school. I can get us some breezers for Friday though.
Thirteen-year-old binger no.1: Bare!
(Drink, vomit, drink, vomit, drink, vomit, pass out... repeat until fade)

Examiner: Que-penses tu d'alcool?
Lying student: J'ai horreur de ca. Alcool est tres mal pour la sante.
by wallace & gromit March 14, 2008

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