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To be extremely pale. (Opposite- black as night)
Ella: I can never get a good tan at the beach because I always just burn.

Emma: Yeah, you're pale as day.
by walkitoutdougie September 07, 2011
When a person who is lactose intolerant eats something dairy and has a bad reaction.
I really want that chocolate ice cream but if I eat it I will for sure get a lac attack.
by walkitoutdougie February 25, 2012
The act of definitely possessing a coolness factor; to present oneself with a certain confidence.
Leticia: "He is so awesome."
Ariella: "Yeah, he's definitely got that swag in the bag."
by walkitoutdougie January 25, 2012
When you are studying for an exam and as soon as moving on to the next definition/topic you're studying, you forget the prior thing that you just learned/memorized. Analogous to playing the arcade game "wack-a-mole"--once you hit one mole, another pops up.
When I was studying for my archaeology test I finally memorized the information for Tenochtitlan, but then forgot all the information I learned for Machu Picchu. The wack-a-mole effect failed me again.
by walkitoutdougie May 11, 2011

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