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Someone who keeps themselves to themselves, generally ignoring other people. Just as asexual = without sex, asocial = without socilisation. These asocial people tend to be on the autistic spectrum. They are perfectly healthy, they'd just rather not socialize and frankly, judging from the behaviour of a lot of students at school, I can't say I blame them. The asocial individual DOES NOT commit anti-social behaviour. They just ignore everybody.

Not to be confused with antisocial
They called Tom anti-social but in actual fact, he was just asocial. He didn't hurt a fly, he just wasn't that interested in people.
by Walking Talking Dictionary October 22, 2006
See abuse
'Nuff said
The simple fact is, ladies and gentleman, bullying is abuse, no matter how much you deny it.
I can stand here... well, sit here, all day and say that murder is not permentant - it doesn't make it true.
The only reason bullying is not called abuse is because adults are too damn chicken to call a spade a spade.
by Walking Talking Dictionary October 23, 2006
This term is an affectionate nickname for those with Asperger's syndrome. It was the idea of parents/relatives of aspies.

Aspies are healthy mentally, their brain's just wired a different way.
I am an Aspie. That is, a person with asperger's syndrome. Some of the definitions on asperger's on here are questionable at best, at worst, so ignorant as to be offensive.

Someone who claims to be an aspie ((the one that mentions a pill about the size of a tic-tac)) would be more believable had they omitted the clause of it being made up.

by Walking Talking Dictionary September 11, 2006
Neurotypical syndrome is a very common mistake in brain-wiring. This mix-up can be easily spotted in the NT (person with NT syndrome) by watching out for these signs:
.preoccupation with social concerns.
.Delusions of superiority
.Assumption that their experience of the world is the only correct one
.Difficulty with solitude
.Intolerance of seemingly minor differences in others
.In groups, Inisistence on destructive/dysfunctional and even impossible rituals as a way of maintaing indenty of said group.
.Difficulty communicating directly
.Much higher incidence of lying than certain other groups
.Difficulty decing on whether to use eye-contact in the ALL form or in the NOTHING form.
.Over-exageration of emotions , body language, gestures, miming or spoken language
.Limited senses.

Tragicially, this could affect as many as 9265 out of every 10,000 indiviuals. NT syndrome is believed to be genetic in origin. However, there are many other theories, perhaps the most well-known being 'oven mothers'. There is no time to prevent NT syndrome as the signs are present either in infancy or in very early childhood.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for NT syndrome. However, many NTs have learned to compensate for their disabilites and are able to communicate with those on the Autistic Spectrum succesfully.

The discovery of NT syndrome, first in the U.K. and later on in the U.S has led to the start of numerous organisations dedicated to fighting NT syndrome, CANT is perhaps the best-known. However, DANT and FANT are among the lesser-known. Interestingly, when NTs are grouped together and hidden by the anymonisity of the internet, they tend to either spam or post vulagirity or both. If not, they can and sometimes do resort to other unsavoury methods of making a point.

Some believe NT syndrome is just an excuse so that parents do not have to deal with the consequences of the bad behaviour exhibited by their child/children.

Is it really possible to attack the Neurotypicality of a person without hurting the person themself, anymore than it is possible to hurt the 'maleness' of a boy, without hurting the boy himself?
Can't really think of an example for NT syndrome. Don't like the defintion? Tough! NTs are put on the same terms as aspies/auties. Think about that before you click the little thumbs down button.
by Walking Talking Dictionary October 09, 2006
Teenager, exactly what it says on the box. Those whose iage/i] falls within the iteens/i]
13, 14,15,16,17,18,19
Not quite a child, not quite an adult.
For some reason, the media likes to attempt to convince people we are all criminials.
Society: FACE IT! Being a teenager is NOT A CRIME as the way lots of people behave towards us would make you think.
In my opinion, ageism is just as bad as all the other ___isms.
Sorry but I don't believe in being suspicious of someone purely because of the amount of birthdays they had.
In that light, the pathetic plastic fictional sterotype of teenagers portrayed by the media is exposed for what it really is, huh?
Which is:
Sure, some of them are criminals.
How do you get from some teenagers are criminals to all teenagers are criminals?
That's like saying that some adults have commited crimes therefore all adults have past offences to their name.
Now, whether or not most graffiti is done by teenagers or not, I won't debate.
But if I said that most adultery is done by adults therefore all/most adults commit adultery, you'd probably look at me like I'd gone mad.
Maybe teenagers do commit more crimes than others but more things are illegal for teenagers than any other group, in my experience.
If you look through any anti-teenager website and replace 'teenager' with 'adult', their points are rather brillantly underpinned.
Furthering the first point I made, what is society coming to if, as the media and sterotypes and the general public would have you believe, if you're automatically a criminal when you turn thirteen and automatically stop being a criminal when, and only when, you have your thirteenth birthday.
Sure, there's some that act up in school.
The thing is, 'peer discipline' has more options open to it than being discliplined by someone in a position of trust.
Just one question for everyone,
If for example you had to hit the school 'geek' ((We'll call them Richard)), and either way you would be punished in different ways which scenario would you pick?
A: Hit Richard and get told off at best or get expelled at worst
B:Don't hit Richard and get sent to coventry at best, or at worst get severly beaten up

Teenagers are a group of people who are often suspected of crimes because of the amount of birthdays they had.

by Walking Talking Dictionary October 01, 2006
Due to society's general reaction towards racism, this is an alternative spelling/pronucation. to empahsise the fact that this is intended as non-racist slang. The 'h' is there to drive home the point that we're talking about nigga rather than nigger

Where I am, this is generally pronouced with a hissing 'h' made at the roof of the mouth. It's hard to explain. Try going to say 'nigg' and then making a sound that is a cross between 'ah' and 'ow' and something else as you curl your top lip slightly upwards. The end sound should resemble a cross between: drinking something cold (ah! as in That's better, I was thirsty) that catches you ('ow' as in you drank it too quickly and it gave you brain freeze) and a kind of 'I bit my tongue' noise.

I think that's the pronunaction. Of course, the accent could just **** it up a bit.

Or I wasn't thinking about it too much.
Can't really think of an example for the word 'niggah'. Used in the same context as 'nigga'. Like I said, the 'h' is there to make a point.
by Walking Talking Dictionary September 22, 2006
A mildly racist slur for cardassians. The term 'cardie' is MUCH stronger. Please do not utter either in front of a cardassian unless you are an EXTREMELY skilled fighter.
The term 'spoonhead' is basically equivalent to whatever mild insult for races you care to mention.
by Walking Talking Dictionary September 23, 2006

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