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7 definitions by waitsfan75

Huge, delicious boobs.
"Check out her bodacious ta-ta's!"
by waitsfan75 April 25, 2006
37 19
To go on a hateful killspree, particularly on one's parents. Derived from the infamous Menendez brother murders ca. 1996.
"Dad, if you keep on drinking tequila and beating up grandma, I'll go all Menendez on your ass."
by waitsfan75 April 25, 2006
17 5
A former NASCAR driver from South Boston, VA. Among his accomplishments, Ward won both the Daytona 500 and the Southern 500. A little-known fact is that, when poised to do a shot of Jaegermeister, one is well-informed to toast Ward Burton. The avid hunter or fisherman would benefit from checking out www.twbwf.org
"That Virginia man, he's really tough to beat. His name, is Ward Burton"
by waitsfan75 April 25, 2006
10 0
From pot culture; the practice of pre-cleaning a bag of marijuana so that it can quickly and easily be "scooped" into a bowl for quick tokes.
"Dude, it's gonna be dark at the party so let's use the scoop method tonight."
by waitsfan75 April 25, 2006
5 1
The leftover cheese stripes melded to the cardboard at the bottom of a pizza box; to be scraped and eaten in desperate situations.
"My stoner roommate even ate the boxarella last night."
by waitsfan75 April 25, 2006
5 8
A female phenomenon, exhibited by puffy eyes after the viewing of such emotional chick flicks as Forrest Gump or Sleepless in Seattle.
"Babe, what's wrong with your eyes?"
"Oh, God, I watched Forrest Gump last night."
"Why'd you do that? You know you always get the Gump Eye."
by waitsfan75 April 25, 2006
3 7
The best; awesome; unsurpassed.
"Man, that beer was the tit"
by waitsfan75 April 26, 2006
6 11