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2 definitions by wahalla

A president who was elected (and reelected) by middle-class white christians who thought that they benefited from his policies by borrowing and spending much more money than they have even though they were too stupid to realize that those policies were raping them in the ass at the same time.
Joe: Hey look at Mr. Smith.
John: Yeah? What about him?
Joe: He's moving into a huge house. Is he a business executive or a doctor?
John: No.
Joe: Well, he must have voted for George W. Bush then since he obviously has how no clue on how to balance a checkbook.
by wahalla March 15, 2010
White, christian, upper middle class or rich, spoiled, obnoxious, old-fashioned, traditional, fancy-dressed individual who have huge egos. They also like to terrorize certain groups of people like punks, goths, average joes, etc. These people are probably the most annoying people on the east coast and most of them are a bunch of neocons.
Guy from car: HEY BUTHOLE!
Normal person: (gives finger to car)
Guy from car: (drives up to person) You're such a pussy!
Normal person: (Throws something) Fuck you!
Guy from car: Oh, you threw that at me, you're a wimp.
Normal person: Face me like a man, you damn prep coward!

George W. Bush managed to get reelected.
George W. Bush also received a lot of those votes from preps.
by wahalla July 25, 2010